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Privacy Policy
Cancellation Policy
Dishonoured Payment Policy

Privacy Policy

We value and respect the information you provide when registering for workshops and subscribing to email newsletters.

The information that we gather helps us provide workshops and services that are more useful and meet your needs more effectively. Occasionally we may contact you regarding upcoming conferences that we feel may be of interest to you.

The information that we gather remains exclusively with our company. At no time will we make this information available to third parties, and all information gathered will be kept confidential and secure.

Email newsletter lists are compiled on an "opt-in" basis through our web site, during the registration process, or at a conference. Unsubscribing from these newsletters can be done through our web site or by replying to the newsletter. If you continue to receive newsletters from us after unsubscribing, please contact us to ensure prompt removal from the list.

"Cookies" are small pieces of data that are used on many web sites, including NursingLinks.ca, to assist in the compilation of visitor statistics. The information collected by Nursing Links through the use of cookies contains no personally identifiable information - only anonymous statistics about your visit to our web site. Please note that it is still possible to visit our web site if your web browser is set to block cookies. For more information about cookies, please visit: Cookie Central.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Refunds and/or credits can be issued for cancellations received within the timeframes outlined below.

More than 7 days prior to the workshop:
Full credit or a refund of the amount paid less $25

Less than 7 days prior to the workshop:
Credit for the amount paid less $40 (refund not available)

After commencement of workshop:
Refund or credit not available

A substitute may attend the workshop in your absence without prior notification.

Refunds and/or credits may be considered outside of the above guidelines in the case of extreme circumstances. Appropriate documentation may be required.

If Executive Links is forced to cancel a conference due to circumstances beyond our control (extreme weather, strike, etc.), the conference will be rescheduled or credit will be given to the registrants for use towards a future conference. Executive Links assumes no liability other than paid conference fees. Executive Links reserves the right to change program date, meeting place, speakers, or content without further notice and assumes no liability for these changes.

Workshop Dishonoured Payment Policy

Executive Links reserves the right to cancel registration and/or refuse entry to the conference should payment be dishonoured or non-existent.

We accept payment in good faith with the assumption that sufficient funds exist for full payment and that the payment will not be cancelled by stop payment or chargeback. Should a cheque to Executive Links not clear your account or should a credit card payment be reversed by chargeback, a $25.00 (plus GST) charge will be added to your total amount owing. Payment must then be made by certified cheque, money order, or credit card (via telephone only).

We reserve the right to forward any dishonoured payments to a third party company for collection.

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