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Common Questions

Q. I have switched email addresses. How do I change my email address with you?
A. All that you need to do is complete an unsubscribe form using your old address, followed by a subscribe form with your new address.

Q. I have not subscribed to Nursing Links newsletters. Why are you spamming me?
A. We hate "spam", or unsolicited email, as much as everyone else these days. All of the recipients of our newsletters have requested to receive them by "opting-in" on this web site, at a workshop, or during the registration process.

Q. I have subscribed to the newsletters but I never receive them. What it happening?
A. Over the past few years, unsolicited junk email (spam) has become a problem for individuals, companies, and internet service providers. There are many junk email filters in use that occasionally mistake legitimate newsletters for junk email. You may have to check your junk email folder to see if it was accidentally sorted there, and you may have to mark the newsletter as something that you would not like to be treated as spam. If you are still not receiving the newsletters, contact us and we will check our records and ensure that we get the newsletter to you.

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